Class Descriptions

Class Description

Beginner Sewing Class: An introduction to the use of the sewing machine and various stitching. How to sew on a line, sewing techniques

Project:  pillowcases dress, tote bag, table runner, t-shirt, pillowcases men boxers.

Intermediate Sewing Class: Learn how to use the pattern, pleats, band, lining, pocket and working with fusible interfacing.

Project: quilted purse, misses top, lazy pants, sofa cover, misses dress.

Crocheting Class: Learn slip knot, Chains, Single and Double Crochet stitches. Basic Stitches holding the yarn &hook, making a slip knot, a chain, turning chains, slip stitch. Single, half double and double crochet. Half triple, triple crochet, crocheting into rows of stitches,  Joining into a ring, joining at the end of a round, single crochet into the back half of   stitch, crocheting backwards and making a shell. Front and back post double crochet, front post half triple crochet, working with multiple strands of yarn.

             Projects: Scarf, Hat, Neck purse, Napkin Ring, wristlet purse, Loads of texture scarf or

Jewelry necklace.


Fashion Sketching Class: Sketch, paint, present, critique,  ideas for clothing designs, the fundamentals of color, painting and fabric rendering, ability to draw technical flats to identify garment details and construction details, understand how to design garments according to target market. Interpret ideal fashion figures to develop various modes of presentation, build a basic portfolio, understand layout of design presentation according to target to balance in color contrast and scale.

            Projects:  sketch 10 flats of men and women, two critique men and women, layout portfolio and presentation.


Quilting Class:  learn piece quilting to create blocks, working with batting and backing, appliqué & quilting techniques. start to finish quilt making, mitering corners, layering, quilting blanket.

Project: Table runner, T-shirts quilt, Floor Pillow and TV Blanket.


Candle & Soap/ Incense Making Class:  Easy, step by step instructions you can add fragrance or essential oils to make your soaps unique, or you can add skin-healing oils like jojoba oil vitamin E oil, or Shea nut oil! Unscented incenses, oil fragrances, DPG (Di Propylene Glycol) a tray to hold incense and A second tray, rack and Screen.

Beading & Jewelry Class: Learn how to wire, wrapping and bending basics, connecting adding beads with head pins, wire manipulation expressive design techniques starting with a single wire. Using jump rings as necklace focal piece adding beads with eye pins creating chain with bead connectors & jump ring.

Projects: Earrings, Wiggle Cuff, Bracelet, Earrings and necklace set, Necklace, Shell belt


Patternmaking & Reading Class: Class Learn to read, create and modify flat patterns for various types of clothing. Understand pattern development, terminology and tools used for drafting. The basic rules for pattern and design, move darts to various positions and use pivot and slash methods alone or combination. Take body or dress from measurements.

Project: Men dress pants and shirt. Women skirt and jacket, bed cover, kid pj, girl teen Tunic


Draping Class: Learn how to drape a fabric on a dress from, make patter out of the drape fabric and construct into a garment.

Projects: evening dress, prom dress, knit dress, window drape


Textiles for Fashion Class: Learn the different kind of Fabric. Natural fabric, manufactured fabric, Yarns, Weaves, Knits and non-woven, Finishes.

Project: Ten Sample of Fabric, Colorization, Fiber and Finish

Alterations class: Learn how to Hem, put in Zippers/ invisible, Seam center and sides, Add lining, Cuff and Waist.

Projects: Jeans, Skirt, Dress and Shirts.